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Company Vision

To be a world-class manufacturer & supplier of air movement & air control products such as Backward Blade Blowers, high pressure blowers, plug type fans and others, through innovation, latest design & development, and a continual improvement in processes & products. 


  • To provide the highest quality products & customer service.
  • To provide best solutions for the most demanding environments. 

Our Products

  • Air Blowers
    • Industrial Air Blower
    • Industrial Centrifugal Blower
    • Heavy Duty Centrifugal Blower
    • Backward Blade Blower
    • Centrifugal Air Blower
  • Air Ventilation System
    • Air Washer Unit
    • Air Ventilation Unit
  • Draught Fan
    • Heavy Duty Draught Fan
    • Centrifugal Draught Fan
    • Industrial Draught Fan


Our range of fans, blowers and exhaust fans offer high performance that are both flexible and compact. These heavy duty, high quality units are suitable for a variety of blowing and exhausting industrial applications that includes the following:


Pneumatic Conveying



Air Sampling



Combustion Air

Vacuum Lifting & Holding

Key Features of Our Products

Our range of fans and blowers which includes Backward Blade Blowers, high pressure blowers, plug type fans and others is able to offer following benefits:

  • Value for money
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • High performance
  • Flexibility of performance
  • Compactness


We offer a complete series of centrifugal fans for air flows up to 50 m 3/s and pressure rises up to 1000 mm of WG. The series consists of:

Direct driven, single-inlet fans

Belt-driven, single-inlet fans

Belt-driven, double-inlet fans

High efficiency throughout the operating range

Low outlet air velocity

High static (useful) pressure

Low connection losses

Low sound level

Infrastructure & Quality

We are equipped with modern machinery, tools and technologies that enable us to fabricate superior products. It has been our thorough endeavor to be involved in constant up-gradation of products, incorporating innovative methods & designs. Also, we have the advantage of having versed engineers & technocrats who are committed to deliver the best possible. Backward Blade Blower and other products are produced in the unit as per the industry standards. The manufacturing procedures are integrated with quality inspections for assuring the avant-garde products.

Why Us?

We have a good track record in design, engineering, manufacturing, and long-term relationships with clients. Quality and innovation are the key factors, and we keep up with high standards of safety, performance & durability. There are some other important elements that make us a major in the industry, such as:

  • A Comprehensive Line Of Standard Products
  • Superior Quality & Expert Service
  • Application Specific Solutions
  • Local Support & Adept Professionals 
  • Complete Commitment To Client Satisfaction   

Feedback and Suggestions

We would like to have feedback from our buyers. Your comments and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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